I have several posts where part of the displayed content will depend on several conditions. I am thinking on creating a custom html tag. Then, before displaying the post content, the conditions will be checked by running a script in the background . Finally the appropriate content will be displayed by replacing the tag with data retrieved from a database.

What is the best way to do this pre-processing with wordpress? Are they specific hooks allowing to get access to the post before displaying it?



custom html



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If you're using the classic editor, then a custom shortocode is a good option. Although shortcodes can be used with the block editor the more modern way would be to create a custom (dynamic) block.

You can insert the shortcode / block to the post content when needed and have the callback handle any necessary logic and rendering.

If you prefer, you could also use the_content filter, which lets you modify the post's content, as a string, before it is rendered - assuming you're using the_content() in your Loop or otherwise applying the filter to the post content.

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