I have a question. I currently created my own theme and created some pages like the html of the homepage inside a template in the template-parts folder. Everything is fine, the theme runs, the pages display nicely, but I couldn't get any SEO plugin to parse the content, obviously this is because I wrote plain html in the template.

Currently I'm using SEOPress and they offer a feature to parse some of the page builders contents by using a filter, but I can't find the template content.

This is the official page of the filter https://www.seopress.org/support/hooks/filter-the-analyzed-content/

function sp_content_analysis_content($content, $id) { 
    //$content = default WP editor 
    //$id = current post ID 
    //Example to add your custom field to content analysis
    //Flexible content must be called like this: name_of_your_flexible_content_0_name_of_your_field
    $cf = ob_get_contents();  
    $content = $content.$cf; 
    return $content;
add_filter('seopress_content_analysis_content', 'sp_content_analysis_content', 10, 2);

I also need to get get_template_part dynamically as I have more pages created the way the homepage.php is created.

My homepage.php is inside a folder called template-parts and looks like this:

 * Template Name: Homepage Template


// Exit if accessed directly.
defined('ABSPATH') || exit;

get_header(); ?>


... alot of plain html ...


<?php get_footer();

I tried a lot to get the SEO plugin to analyze my HTML, but due to my lack of PHP knowledge, I couldn't get it to work.

Thanks to everyone helping me out.

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