I am creating a custom block and I want to show a button which the user can edit the text of and I want them to be able to select a page/enter a link. I have this working but using URLInputButton does not give the option to open in a new tab like the default wordpress popover when you highlight some text and then choose to add a hyperlink.

This is what I currently have:

<URLInputButton url={url} onChange={onURLChange} />

I have also played around with a popover but not sure how to put what I want in there. This just does what it says and shows text that says 'Popover is toggled!"

<Button variant="secondary" onClick={toggleVisible}>
     Toggle Popover!
     {isVisible && <Popover>Popover is toggled!</Popover>}

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There's no support for such a setting in URLInputButton/URLInput and those components are deprecated. Try LinkControl. It may be helpful to study its use in the core Button block. That seems similar to what you are building.

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