I have an issue with sending an e-mail on address with the link with disliked post. So, when a guest click on "Dislike" button, link of the post must be submitted to a given e-mail address.

My blog_likes.php file looks like this:


$likes = 0; $dislikes = 0;

if (get_field('post_score_likes')) { $likes = get_field('post_score_likes'); }

if (get_field('post_score_dislikes')) { $dislikes = get_field('post_score_dislikes'); }


<section class="blog-likes" data-id="<?php echo get_the_ID() ?>">

<div class="blog-likes__title">Did you find this post helpful and interesting?</div>

<div class="blog-likes__buttons">
<button type="button" class="blog-likes__button like">
  <?php echo get_template_part('partials/icons/icon-dislike') ?>
  <span><?php echo $likes; ?></span>
<button type="button" class="blog-likes__button dislike">
  <?php echo get_template_part('partials/icons/icon-dislike') ?>
  <span><?php echo $dislikes; ?></span>


Please help me to solve this problem. Website is done in Wordpress.

Thank you in advance.

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