I run a small website (www.binnenstadduurzaam.nl) using Elementor Pro and OceanWP, and have a parallel test site test.binnenstadduurzaam.nl, which is the same as the www site except when I am testing a new function or feature.

My sites have a fixed header, so when I jump to a menu-anchor I need a vertical offset. On the test site I implemented this by adding offst as class of all anchors, and the following CSS:

.offst {
  margin-top: -150px;
  padding-bottom: 150px;
  display: block;

It worked fine on the test site, so I implemented it on the www site and it didn't work -- no offset at all. I have a workaround, using the following HTML instead of the Anchor-Heading pair:

   <span style="
  margin-top: -150px;
  padding-bottom: 150px;
  display: block;"
id="formulier"> </span>

and this works fine, but is of course a hack (and a maintenance nightmare). For certainty I exported the entire test site to the www site (after a backup of course) and the offset was still absent. I also tried adding !important to the CSS but that made no difference.

The only difference I can think of is that, on the www site, I installed and then de-installed assorted themes and plugins (before I had the idea of making a test domain). Possibly one of them has left traces which are breaking my CSS, but how do I find (and fix) whatever is going on?

[the site is in Dutch, but you can test by using the link "Doe Mee" (4th paragraph of homepage) or by links in the sitemap (access in footer)]

Edit 15nov: I was not clear about how the sites are set up; sorry! The test domain has class=offsanch for all anchors; the www domain has class=offst for all anchors except for the anchor id=formulier on page doemee, which has the inline style workaround mentioned above. I changed the class name because it might confuse a future webmaster: "what is a sanch, and why should it be off?"

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this is just css, probably is just browser cache not clean. However your test page website at this date does not have a .offst class

enter image description here

and your main site has you said has a inline css and also an id of formulier.

enter image description here

Once this page doesnt have the .offst class, why dont you add an id #my_h2_formulier to that h2 on the test page, and then remove the span on the main with inline css and also add the id #my_h2_formulier to that same h2. Now just give the css to the #my_h2_formulier instead of the inexistent .offst class in both sites.

One more thing in your development website, you already have a div with an id formulier, and in the main website the div doesnt have that id, instead you have that id in a span. what can be also causing this issues is that in that page your html isnt the same in both websites. that is probably the biggest issue.

  • Thanks for your detective work @tiago (+1), but my statement that I keep the sites identical was a bit too strong. The www site has class offst while the test site used class offsanch (intended as offset anchor, but I imagined a future maintainer wondering "what's a sanch, and why is it off?"). Using an id like #my_h2_formulier defeats my aim, which is to separate the layout part (150px offset) from the anchor name part (formulier in this case, but other anchors have other ids). I want to control the layout from a global CSS so that if I change my header height I only have to make one change.
    – NL_Derek
    Nov 14, 2021 at 21:58
  • Also, you say "browser cache not clean" but how do I clean it? I tested on several devices (PC, tablet, smartphone, iPhone) and they all seemed to have this problem (which doesn't rule out cache since these are dedicated test devices for the website).
    – NL_Derek
    Nov 14, 2021 at 22:00
  • sometimes it is the cache, normally to clean the browser cache we can use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE" on almost every browser. Nov 15, 2021 at 19:04
  • I just had inspect the page, and notice that few details. the page in itself seems equal and normal. I would try if isnt working to give a class or id and make the css to it. Nov 15, 2021 at 19:06

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