I'm not able to reorder WP Admin menu items when pages added with add_menu_page have complicated slugs. At least I think that's the problem...

First I create the custom menu items, which is working as expected:

function sma_simplify_admin_ui() {
    global $user_ID;
    if ( $user_ID != 1 ) {
        add_menu_page( 'Menu', 'Menu', 'edit_posts', 'nav-menus.php?action=edit&menu=16', '', 'dashicons-menu' );
        add_menu_page( 'Memberships', 'Memberships', 'edit_posts', 'edit.php?post_type=wc_user_membership', '', 'dashicons-groups' );
add_action( 'admin_init', 'sma_simplify_admin_ui' );

The new items cannot be reordered. If I put the exact slugs given when they were created, menu_order (and custom_menu_order) simply ignore them and my new items are always at the bottom of the menu.

function sma_reorder_admin_ui($menu_ord) {  
    if (!$menu_ord) return true;
    return array(
        /* truncated for clarity, there is more stuff */
add_filter( 'custom_menu_order', 'sma_reorder_admin_ui' ); 
add_filter( 'menu_order', 'sma_reorder_admin_ui' );

Setting a priority when I create them isn't letting me reorder them either, which is really weird...

I'm theorising the slug expected by custom_menu_order & menu_order isn't what I'm giving it, but I don't know what to give it. I've also tried every single slug/key/thing that I get when I vardump $GLOBAL['menu'].

Please help me work out how to reorder my menu items!

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    Inside the sma_reorder_admin_ui function if you just dump or log out the original values of $menu_ord then you should be able to see what it expects. Commented Nov 9, 2021 at 3:12
  • I hadn't thought to vardump $menu_ord specifically, but that does make sense as a way to see the current slugs. Thank you!
    – EdA
    Commented Nov 9, 2021 at 3:18

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I fixed this by changing the action I create the menu items from admin_init to admin_menu. The former runs far too early and I suppose was creating conflicts. I am now able to reorder my items by referencing them by their original slugs.

For future reference and in case it is helpful to others, the WP documentation for add_menu_page specifically recommends hooking to admin_menu.

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