I have a blog that used to be located in a directory on my domain


I have now moved the blog to the root


How do i 301 all of my old pages to the new ones? I have around 500 pages so doing this manually will take forever.

So i want to do mydomain.co.uk/Blog/page1 to mydomain.co.uk/page1

mydomain.co.uk/Blog/page2 to mydomain.co.uk/page2

mydomain.co.uk/Blog/page3 to mydomain.co.uk/page3




have you try to make a backup of the old website and upload the backup in the new website, in this case in the main domain. Normally I use the plugin "wordpress all in one" to do this. I do not know if this is a possibility for you, but should work just fine. once your website url is mydomain.co.uk/Blog/ the new url will be mydomain.co.uk, and the pages will be in your url/page1

  • "...and upload the backup..." - The OP has already moved the website, they just need to implement a redirect. (?)
    – MrWhite
    Nov 4 '21 at 10:08
  • if he moved the website the pages should be working normally, in most of cenarios. Nov 4 '21 at 20:46

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