I'm new, can I use include() or get_template_part to load an SVG file uploaded as featured image directly in the HTML page?

I need to animate the svg images, but i need to easily change the image on each page.

I have tried this code but does't work, I can't find the right path, I can load only the svg images in the same folder.

    $domain = get_site_url();
    $svg_url = get_the_post_thumbnail_url(get_the_ID());
    $svg = str_replace( $domain, '', $svg_url );

    echo $svg; //only for read the url

    // or
    inlcude $svg;

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First, you don't need the URL but the server path to the file, you can get it with get_attached_file function, passing any WordPress attachment ID as a parameter. Then you need to load the contents of that SVG file directly, via file_get_contents function and echo it out to the page.

$thumbnail_id   = get_post_thumbnail_id( get_the_ID() );
$thumbnail_path = get_attached_file( $thumbnail_id );
echo file_get_contents( $thumbnail_path );
  • Perfect solution! can I also use it for the logo? Commented Oct 22, 2021 at 0:17
  • @AlessioPaoletti Yes, any SVG you want to load directly if you have the attachment ID.
    – Greg36
    Commented Oct 22, 2021 at 12:13

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