I am seeing the error cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired in the site health check and I also get it when saving some pages or trying to update plugins.

However my website is working fine, ( https link works and shows the lock)

Additionally I tried solution in other similar questions like: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62107431/curl-error-60-ssl-certificate-problem-certificate-has-expired

I checked in particular https://whatsmychaincert.com which indicates certificate should be ok.

And my server clearly shows that the certificate is up to date. Site has been working for about a year without issues. Are there some other steps to debug this issue?

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I found that recently (Sept 30) the Let's Encrypt Cretificates expired DST Root CA X3. In addition to the curl error 60 I also had Rest API errors and inability to updated plugins in wordpress. It is possible to update these in the wordpress installation:

The patch is available here and should be available with Wordpress 5.9 (December 2021) if not earlier: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/51883/trunk/src/wp-includes/certificates/ca-bundle.crt

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