After pushing a staging site to production I have [email protected] set as the admin email which I need to change. Obviously I can't access that email to verify the change because it doesn't exist so I wrote this query:

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '[email protected]' WHERE option_name = 'admin_email'

I found this related answer but I do not use phpMyAdmin.

Is this an OK method to override this? Or is there a more proper method?


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While your SQL query will probably do the trick, you don't need to interface directly with the database to accomplish this.

The preferred methods would by using Wordpress' update_option() function or by running the WP-CLI command:wp option update.

Via update_option()

To override the admin email change confirmation process, add the following to your functions.php file and hit "save changes".

update_option( 'admin_email', '[email protected]' );

Then once you've verified that the change worked, you can go back to your functions.php and remove the snippet.


If you have WP-CLI installed, you can run the following command from your shell/terminal (much faster):

wp option update admin_email [email protected]

If WP-CLI is owned by root, you'll obviously need to run it with sudo. Success will give you the following output:

Success: Updated 'admin_email' option.

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