I am using categories for very short posts (2-3 lines). These posts don't have much value in themseleves, however I use them to setup a complex home page where I have very small sections of content being updated regularly when I add a post to the category.

I would like to:

  1. obviously have the content available on the homepage (so when I call get_posts there should not be a hook which filters it out).

  2. have the content available on the categories page where multiple posts are displayed at once

  3. I do NOT want the individual post pages. The content is too small, I ahve a genuine concern that it will be considered "thin content" and I suspect I am paying an SEO penalty for this. IDeally I would like to have these pages be considered "noindex" or excluded and ideally not in the sitemap.

For point 2 I am not concerner about "thin content" because with multiple posts it should be ok.

Is this posible to achieve in wordpress?

I am open to adding tags if this helps.

One possible solution is to set the noindex tag automatically during post creation, just for the category. That should set the metadata only for the individual posts but would allow me to benefit from the indexing when I include the content in other pages, but I don't know how to accomplish that in wordpress.

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