Using add_rewrite_rule() to handle things like this for the custom post type "catalogs", page name "cars":

/catalogs/cars/ /catalogs/cars/p1/ /catalogs/cars/p1/p2/ /catalogs/cars/p1/p2/p3/

I never have more than 3 parameters after /cars/, but all of them with optional query string parameters. Like this:


Here's my code:


Works great for when there's 3 parameters (like /catalogs/cars/p1/p2/p3/), but it doesn't work for when there's 0-2 parameters.

Have tried making parts of the regex optional, but I guess my regex skills aren't that fantastic...

Have a trick for making the number of parameters dynamic, so everything from 0-3 parameters can be handled?

Thanks :thumbsup:

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Found the solution, just had to remember all the ? marks.

It works when the regex is like this:

  • That's exactly the same as the second argument in the question isn't it?
    – Rup
    Sep 27, 2021 at 11:08

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