I made a config.php file where I store some arrays for configuration like LDAP and other things. I need to call it on different templates but I also need to require it into function.php.

When I do this this, I have warning and all my tables become Undefined.


I found this solution : call my config.php into functions.php with : require ( get_template_directory() . '/config.php' );

Replaced this require from all my tempate/views by global $ARRAY_NAME;

  • Show some code?
    – vancoder
    Commented Sep 22, 2021 at 17:15

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It is depends on where your config.php file is located. Write code in active theme's functions.php

  1. If file is on root of WordPress installtion: require_once(ABSPATH .'config.php');

  2. If it is on active Theme's root directory: require_once('config.php');


@Baikare Sandeep : Hi, it is not a path problem. my config.php is at the theme's root. I can access it in my templates and functions.php with require ( get_template_directory() . '/config.php' );

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