Using the BuddyBoss Theme (and platform), there are 3 header/navigation style options available. How can I add a home page (front page) with custom header just for that one page; for example to change the height and color for just that page? A more complex example might be to add a splash screen to the home page.

Do I need to use the child theme approach, copy the buddyboss-theme\header.php file to the child theme and then modify file buddyboss-theme-child\header.php? In that file the header content is loaded via:

    do_action( THEME_HOOK_PREFIX . 'header' );

which calls function buddyboss_theme_header() which loads 1 of the 3 template parts according to the style option set, so it loads one of the following:

  1. buddyboss-theme\template-parts\header.php
  2. buddyboss-theme\template-parts\header-2.php
  3. buddyboss-theme\template-parts\header-3.php

Should I change the code in function buddyboss_theme_header() in the child theme to do something like the psuedo code below:

if is_front_page () {
  load buddyboss-theme\template-parts\header-custom.php
} else {
  default code

Or should I create a plugin to does this somehow?

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