I created a custom control cluster for the theme customizer which includes radio input and textarea. I want to save the data as sub-array, as in array( key => array() )

The data attribute data-customize-setting-link="fieldname" is set for the radio, but clearly I can't use the same name for the textarea to add as sub array. I tried the json array method as done with name="fieldname[val]" attribute but that does not work.

Using class extension

class MyCustomControl extends WP_Customize_Control

Output fields

field output image

To save bot fields I have to use different data attribute names, and the following is the saved value.

    [custom_css_post_id] => -1
    [nav_menu_locations] => Array
            [primary] => 20

    [theme] => black-on-white.css
    [customcss] => body {font-family: arial;}

What I need

The data should be saved as the nav_menu_locations does.

 [theme] => array(
  [themecss] => black-on-white.css
  [customcss] => body {}


The problem has been resolved

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