I want to create a plugin that execute some code (an api call) after a client clicks a specific button in their wordpress.

Is it possible to make some button click execute my function ? If not i would like to do this at least with the "Pay" button in Woocommerce websites and of course prevent the default behaviour.

EDIT : The button i wanted to use is the pay button (confirm order). For my project i want to create a payment gateway. For WooCommerce i found this : https://rudrastyh.com/woocommerce/payment-gateway-plugin.html For other websites i will probably use unqueued Javascript. With some configuration in the client website it should work.

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  • You mean PHP code? With or without reloading the page? Without you'd have to make an AJAX call to the admin-ajax endpoint or a REST API endpoint that would run your PHP code.
    – Rup
    Sep 14 at 22:09
  • I could do that for my own website with Ajax, but how could i make it work in any Wordpress just by installing m plugin ?
    – KASMI G.
    Sep 14 at 22:45
  • have you asked this in a woocommerce community? 3rd party plugin dev support is off topic here, if you need to extend WooCommerce payment buttons this is not an appropriate place to ask
    – Tom J Nowell
    Sep 15 at 0:18

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