As WordPress grows, it becomes possible to make more and more sites using the technology. Pages and the permalink structure give it CMS power, custom taxonomies and post types expand this further to differentiate chronological posts, pages and arbitrary objects, and plugins fill the gaps.

So, you can use WP to power your blog, photo gallery, and website. What are some of the more creative uses you've seen that exploit powerful WordPress features? What are some sites that made you say, "That's WordPress?"

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Contact Manager


Organize contacts and companies… your way.

  • Easily enter and modify contacts and companies
  • Keep track of phone numbers, email addresses, websites, social networks and many other types of information.
  • Create your own Themes.
  • Add functionality by installing Plugins. (or write your own)

(replaced by piklist crm http://piklist.com )

  • Plugin is outdated and not longer supported – kaiser Oct 16 '12 at 22:48

Just Tell Me Why


A Web 2.0 platform for debates...


Have you taken a look at http://wordpress.org/showcase/ ?

There's a ton of "that's WordPress?!" sites there.


I also found:

WordPress as a QA site


WordPress as a Ticketing system



Although these examples may not be surprising to long-time WordPress users, new users may find them interesting, so I figured I'd list them. I sometimes use such examples with clients who are unsure of WordPress.

Ecommerce Sites

(I pulled these particular examples from the Shopp plugin. There's also the WP e-Commerce plugin, for those who are interested.)

Social Networking Sites

(These are powered by BuddyPress, which sits on top of WordPress. I've also heard of the Mingle plugin, which supposedly does something similar, but have never tried it.)


Here's one from a local record company (Portland, OR).



As a product display website for a small business. For instance, with this site, I composed it with the PODS plugin and a custom theme I designed myself.

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