I have edited the website which is not created by me. There is advanced customs fields used for entry data during the post/page creation(wordpress custom editor). After that, the value of entered text is shown on the publicated page in the table, but table has the labels for entered data.

I was wondering how can I change the labels in any php file, but cannot find anything. I would be gratefull for any tips,

Thank you, Raf


The data from Advanced Custom Fields is usually displayed on your site via template files from the active theme. This Template Hierarchy page explains which template files are used for each type of page.

You can see the active theme by logging into the WP Admin and visiting the Appearance → Themes screen.

  • Thank you! I have tried to edit front-page.php but it seems it doesn`t exist... Aug 30 '21 at 14:37
  • Maybye, do you know which file is responsible for wordpress custom page editor? Aug 30 '21 at 14:42
  • I suggest you search your theme files for the ACF field key to find the template file displaying it.
    – Andrew
    Aug 30 '21 at 15:08

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