I recently had someone here help me write a custom function for the WordPress site that I'm developing so that it re-writes the page title when a 404 error is encountered. It's been working exactly the way I'd intended -- however -- it stops working when I activate the Yoast plugin. I don't get any PHP errors or anything, but my page title simply doesn't get re-written.

My assumption is that the Yoast plugin likely already hijacks the re-writing of the page titles, and that it is effectively overriding my custom function.

How would I update the custom method below so that it acknowledges the existence of the Yoast plugin, and so that I can leave the plugin active, yet still preserve the functionality of my custom method that re-writes the page titles?


-- Yvan

function theme_slug_filter_wp_title( $title_parts ) {
    global $parsed_address, $api_results, $wp_query;
    if ( ! $parsed_address ) {
        return $title_parts;
    $title_parts['title'] = ucwords( $parsed_address ) . ' | AAA Real Estate';
    return $title_parts;
add_filter( 'document_title_parts', 'theme_slug_filter_wp_title' );


  • Any takers? It's been a couple of weeks now. I realize that I don't really have many reputation points that I could offer up to put a bounty on this one, .. but is there anything else I can do to encourage folks to help me out here? Sep 7, 2021 at 16:29

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Well .. for those of you who might be interested, this is how I succeeded at overriding the Yoast plugin conflict with my 404 page titles:

  1. I added a simple custom method to my mu-plugin file that retrieves the property address:

    function get_property_address() { global $parsed_address; return $parsed_address; }

  2. I added this custom method for creating a custom Yoast variable to my functions.php file:

    function register_custom_yoast_variables() { wpseo_register_var_replacement( '%%propertyaddress%%', 'get_property_address', 'advanced', 'some help text' ); }

    add_action('wpseo_register_extra_replacements', 'register_custom_yoast_variables');

  3. I went in to my Yoast Settings (ie: Search Appearance > Special Pages > 404 pages) and added the "%%propertyaddress%%" custom variable to my 404 page title.

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