It's a long, long time since I cobbled together my site and in that time I've forgotten what little I thought I might just know.

I have the FooGallery plugin on this page https://www.oxonscalextricclub.co.uk/gallery/

With an update it suddenly went single column on me and a Google revealed the lack of wp_footer in the page might be the issue.

In the Wordpress page editor I added <?php> include wp_footer() </?> and that's fixed the column issue but the text 'include wp_footer' is actually rendering on the page.

Can anyone tell me, in very simple terms, what schoolboy error I've made and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

  • wp_footer() should not be in the page itself. It needs you be in the template your theme is using for that page. Twenty Seventeen definitely has it, but your child theme might not. Check page.php or singular.php in your child theme. If wp_footer() is there, then that's not your issue. Aug 18 '21 at 13:21
  • Well, losing the include, adding the semi-colon has fixed the issue but I don't seem to have a page.php or singular.php in my Child folder. Should I be worried?? Aug 18 '21 at 14:27
  • No. That just means they’re in the parent theme. Meaning wp_footer is not the issue. I bet if you change the text to anything random it will still work. Aug 19 '21 at 0:40
<?php wp_footer(); ?>

remove include and add a semicolon at the end.

  • Ah. And I'd also treated the php as html with opening and closing tags. Great stuff. Many thanks. Aug 18 '21 at 14:16

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