I'm working with Gutenberg blocks via ACF. It's great compromise between classic / ACF and the Gutenberg. Another great thing is <InnerBlocks />. However, in one block can be used only one <InnerBlocks /> tag, so it's kind of problematic, if I want to have more control over the html structure in my block. So: I have block with two divs (two columns). In each one I want to use Gutenberg blocks. Is there any way to insert specified block directly in my code, like image or group, without inner block?

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No, you can't have multiple InnerBlocks. But you can create a second intermediate block, just like WordPress Core does with the columns and column block.

  • Thanks! But can I create a second intermediate block directly inside ACF block?
    – D_P
    Sep 4, 2021 at 21:48

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