I need to create a taxonomy (or maybe I will use the standard post category one) with more than 13000 terms. In addition, the terms will be translated with WPML.

Can this number cause a problem for Wordpress?

  • the limiting factor of how many rows can be in a database table is rarely the number itself, but more the kinds of queries you intend to run. 13k will depend on the kind of hosting and what you plan to do. e.g. if you plan to list them on one page that will never scale purely because 13k items is going to be a very big page to send to the browser. Likewise if your host costs $1pm. For WPML, you would need to ask WPML, 3rd party plugin dev support is off topic here. There are plenty of sites that are much bigger but the only person who can truly answer this is yourself by just doing it.
    – Tom J Nowell
    Aug 10 at 10:25

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