So my client site will be used for filling in a form to anticipate on neighborhood question from town councils.

The homepage will be a town search page where you can type your town and go to a landing page of that town, for example, domain.nl/city.

From there everything needs to be found from domain.nl/city. So a post for that city will be domain.nl/city/post1. The contact page will be domain.nl/city/contact.

There will be different cities in the site.

I work with Avada theme so I can create a header for each city that will link only to specific pages.

I hear you saying, create a multi site! This I had and it had issues with certain certificates.

I have my base standing. The only thing to do now is the posts that need to have a base url with the city name in front of it.

Please be gentle with me, it is my first question on stackexchange :-)

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    You could use the default wordpress categories and posts, or parent and child pages to achive this url structure, that's a start, the rest is up to you Aug 5 at 14:43
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    You could also create custom post types, one for each city. That might provide an easier way to manage the different cities - you'd have for example a "Paris" menu item and a "London" menu item in wp-admin so it would be clear which city's content you're working on.
    – WebElaine
    Aug 5 at 15:10
  • Ok, thanks for these suggestions. I will look into them.
    – Marco Van
    Aug 16 at 11:39

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