I made a shortcode which I put in the popup. The shortcode just needs to get the content of the page by ID I created in Elementor and show it in a popup with the same design as it is on the inner page.

$content_post = get_post(1000);
return do_shortcode( apply_filters( 'the_content', $content_post->post_content ) );

Using this code, the current page is loaded into the popup, not with ID 1000 with markup and styles.

If I use code without a filter:

return do_shortcode( $content_post->post_content );

I am getting content from the page I want, but it is without design from html markup.

Why is this so? How do I load the page I want into the popup with all the markup and styles I have configured in Elementor?

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Unfortunately, I was too hasty with the question. Luckily I found the answer to my question here.

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