The excerpt panel in the Gutenberg block editor has the label text "Write an excerpt (optional)"

How can this text be edited? Specifically I want to remove "(optional)".

I've attempted to target the label with JS, but neither of the below work (just see an empty collection in the console). If I run document.getElementsByClassName('e1puf3u2') in the console, I get back the label element.

wp.domReady(() => {
  let labels = document.getElementsByClassName('e1puf3u2');

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function(event) {
  let labels = document.getElementsByClassName('e1puf3u2');

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That label is a translatable text and its translation is retrieved using wp.i18n.__(), so you can change the text like you could in PHP via the gettext filter, except that in JS/Gutenberg, you'd use i18n.gettext.

Working example:

// Define our filter callback.
function myPluginGettextFilter( translation, text, domain ) {
    if ( text === 'Write an excerpt (optional)' ) {
        return 'Write an excerpt';

    return translation;

// Adding the filter

And another way to change the text, without using hooks, is by using wp.i18n.setLocaleData() like so:

    'Write an excerpt (optional)': [
        'Write an excerpt'
/* The format is:
    '<original text>': [
        '<singular translation>',
        '<plural translation>'

// but just pass one translation (one array item) if there are no plural
// translation available, or if both singular and plural translations are
// identical

And remember to load the script's dependency, i.e. wp-hooks for the 1st example, and wp-i18n for the 2nd example.

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    Works perfectly, thanks @SallyCJ
    – anu
    Aug 2, 2021 at 8:41

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