I have 2 registration pages, one for Korean, and one for English. The Korean registration is okay. The page /register is redirect to /checkout page. (registration leads to subscription based) after the registration.

On the other hand, the English registration page /register-eng is supposed to redirect to /checkout/?lang=en page. but after the registration, /register-eng also redirects to the same /checkout page.

Is there any apply_filter function to force redirect my English registration page to /checkout/?lang=en page?

Thanks in advance.

Test this code, but failed.

add_filter( 'registration_redirect', 'my_redirect_home' );
function my_redirect_home( $registration_redirect ) {
    global $post;
    if( 'register-eng' === $post_slug ){
        $registration_redirect = 'http://example.com/checkout/?lang=en';
    return $registration_redirect;

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If you are using WPML you can use its built-in language condition statement.


Therefore you can put your redirect function in this.

    // Your function

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