I created wordpress page template and i want to add this css code only in to inside of this template only.for the security concern should i escape?. can anyone help me to solve this?. here is the code i used.

<?php  $style = "<style type='text/css'> .post-related {position: relative; width: 21.333%!important;} </style>";

echo  $style  ;
  • If its hard coded by you and it will never accept data from unknown sources, go for it. there are better ways to do it but from a security point, if you control 100% of the code there is no problem Jul 22 at 8:49
  • Hi, Thank you very much for the help.. really appreciate it.! quick question can i put direct <style> </style> without echo? in template? .. jut for knowledge .. thank you..
    – Gayal cham
    Jul 22 at 9:22
  • Sure, just don't put it inside the <?php ... ?> tag. I can post an answer if you like so you can have a visual idea of how to do it, only if you need =] Jul 22 at 9:24
  • Thank you very much.. yes if you can it would be great..! im new to WordPress template files. thank you ..!
    – Gayal cham
    Jul 22 at 9:31

A very basic template

I created a file named about.php in a pages folder in the root of my theme with this code.

You can do the same or change the location as you see fit, just dont put it inside a child folder that is in a child folder, wordpress can't read templates two levels deep it folder structure.

<?php defined('ABSPATH') || exit;

// Template name: About

// this gets the header.php file
<!-- Here we can do what ever we need -->
    .content .headline,
    .content .description {
        text-align: center;

    .content .headline {
        margin: 0 0 20px;
        font-size: 2rem;

    .content .description {
        max-width: 400px;
        margin: 0 auto;

<div class="content">
    <h1 class="headline">About Us</h1>
    <p class="description">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipisicing elit. Aspernatur repellat eius a beatae consectetur, et perferendis impedit molestias itaque esse optio repellendus sapiente iure debitis suscipit temporibus voluptas architecto animi.</p>
// this gets the footer.php file
  • Dear Buttered_Toast..thank you very much for the help.. now i understand everything.. this is very helpful for beginners..! Really appreciate your time and help..!
    – Gayal cham
    Jul 22 at 9:48
  • Great! glad I could help, I would suggest reading about wordpress themes/child themes and wordpress theme templates to get a better understanding of how wordpress handles all this logic, also check wordpress wp_enqueue_scripts to understand how to load js/css files the wordpress way Jul 22 at 9:56
  • Sure I fill follow your instructions..! this is very helpful. again Thank you very much ..! :)
    – Gayal cham
    Jul 22 at 10:01
  • @Gayalcham Consider accepting this answer if you feel it helped you with your question =] Jul 22 at 10:01
  • Sure i did it..thank you very much..!
    – Gayal cham
    Jul 22 at 10:13

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