my team and i are managing around 20 wordpress sites. Every site has a completely different setup (Themes, Plugins etc.).

Strangely, since 3 days, a lot of my colleagues just cant log-in to the sites anymore. They get in an infinite login-loop: Enter credentials, click on “log in” -> Site only refreshes. But for SOME users (that use the same login credentials) it works fine. Also logging in via mobile works -> So it must be PC related?!

We already tried the typical tech stuff: – Clear Cache / Cookies, disabled browser plugins – Changed browser – Used VPN to avoid ISP – Disabled Windows Defender / Antivirus Software

It´s really strange, since we share logins and some work some dont.

appreciate some ideas 🙂

It seems that it is related to PCs. In Safe-Mode with USB-Tethering via a phone the login works.


  • Login and authentication are managed by cookies... You might see this behaviour if local storage / cookies are disabled
    – Bysander
    Jul 22 at 12:43

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