I want to use a Nivo slider to cycle through the children of a parent page one by one, how can I do that?

I have the following piece of code that grabs ALL the children of a parent page and displays them:

<?php $pages = get_pages(array('child_of' => $post->ID));
foreach($pages as $post)
$fields = get_fields(); ?>
    <?php echo $fields->title; ?>
<?php } wp_reset_query(); ?>

Is there a way to show 1 child image and upon clicking the next arrow on the Nivo it shows the next child image?


To get attached (i.e. child) images of a post, try using get_children(). e.g.:

$child_image_args = array(
    'post_mime_type' => 'image',
    'post_parent' => $postID,
    'post_type' => 'attachment'

$child_images = get_children( $child_image_args );

Which returns an associative array of child images. Then, just loop through them, e.g. using wp_get_attachment_image(), to output. e.g.:

<div id="nivoslider">
    foreach ( $child_images as $child_image ) {
        wp_get_attachment_image( $child_image->ID );

Nivo Slider integration is mostly out of scope for WPSE, but if you want to advance manually, change the manualAdvance setting to manual in your #nivoslider jQuery instantiation.

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