How can I add the widget manually in the code ?


Have a look at the the_widget() function. The first argument is required. It is the PHP class name of the widget. For example:

<div class="sidebar">
  <?php the_widget('WP_Widget_Search') ?>

You can also pass on extra arguments:

<div class="sidebar">
  <?php the_widget('WP_Widget_Text', 'title=Hello&text=World') ?>
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Depending on how your call to dynamic_sidebar() is setup, you should be able to drop them in before or after the function. For example:

<div id="sidebar">
    <ul class="sidebar">
        <!-- Your Widget Here -->
        <?php dynamic_sidebar(); ?>

You can put your widget (as an <li> in this case) right in there and voilà!

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  • can I call any widget manually? e.g <?php word_tube_widget(); ?> – Waseem Abu Senjer Jan 17 '12 at 12:44

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