I've added the following function to change the order and translate my Woocommerce account navigation. It works perfectly, except for the edit-address/billing part:

function wpb_woo_my_account_order()
    $myorder = array(
        'dashboard' => __('Dashboard', 'woocommerce'),
        'wishlist' => __('Wishlist', 'woocommerce'),
        'edit-address/billing' => __('Billing details', 'woocommerce'),
        'edit-account' => __('Account details', 'woocommerce'),
        'customer-logout' => __('Logout', 'woocommerce'),
    return $myorder;

add_filter('woocommerce_account_menu_items', 'wpb_woo_my_account_order');

When I go to my account and click on Billing details in the navigation, I get a page not found URL error. The URL is /edit-address%2Fbilling/ instead of /edit-address/billing/ The issue is that the / is replaced with %2F

  • Looks like it's probably expecting a slug and as such is sanitizing it for use in a URL, instead of being a path like you're expecting Jul 9, 2021 at 13:58

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There is an issue with the latest version of WPML that causes this problem. WPML has a quick fix for this: https://wpml.org/errata/endpoints-containing-slashes-are-incorrectly-encoded/

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