I am trying to implement Silo Structure to my Page. I got usually 3 categories added to a post and I have set the permalinks to


I removed the /category/ base with "." so that if somebody uses

/top-category/ or 

they are coming to a page where they find more links to that subject.

The post has only the highest category checked like


, so the link for some posts like post1 is


I try to have it work like that:

  • /top-category/ = page with links to subcategories

  • /top-category/sub-category/ = page with links to sub-sub categories

  • /top-category/sub-category/sub-sub-category/ = link to category.php with all posts from "sub-sub-category"

I made pages for




but none for


and the links to the top and subcategories are working, I am landing on the pages that I had set up, however when I access


I get a 404 error.

If I change the category base back to


the pages will not be displayed and the links are not looking good but for all categories, all posts will be displayed on categories.php. if I use .htaccess to rewrite the links will display not in a good-looking manner too, is there a way how I can accomplish this?

why do I get a 404 error? when I have no pages and remove the base all posts are displayed for all categories, but I wanna have it only for the last child category

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