My current permalink structure is  /%category%/%postname%/  which produce urls as:
(category_base removed using "FV Top Level Categories" Plugin)

category: example.com/class-10/science/    ◀▬ SLASH is GOOD for directories & ↙ parent pages
    page: example.com/legal/

    post: example.com/class-10/science/ch-1-atoms/    ◀▬ but BAD for single_post, ↖ child pages &
    page: example.com/legal/terms/
    page: example.com/about/    ◀▬ standalone pages

So, I want to
keep TRAILING SLASH "/" on:

  • categories and child categories
  • parent pages

remove TRAILING SLASH "/" on:

  • single_posts
  • standalone page (who don't have any child pages)
  • child pages

AND "301" Redirect  "/"  version of these ↖ pages to NON  "/"  version pages

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After SO MANY research, I found a Great Simple solution via https://stackoverflow.com/a/54251892/10403689 (vote this ⬆UP⬆)

Your Permalink Structure should be: /%category%/%postname%/

function no_post_slash( $string, $type ){
    if($type == 'single')
        $string = untrailingslashit($string);
   return $string;
add_filter('user_trailingslashit', 'no_post_slash', 70, 2);

BUT this is only working on single_post not pages

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