TL;DR - Is there a way CF7 can pull it's form markup and tags from a static file, instead of the database? So I can maintain that file in version control.

We have a very complex form running under Contact Form 7. It has branching, logic and more, all handled by custom code using hooks and filters. However we still have to copy and paste the (thousands of lines) of code that describes this form into the "form editor" in the Wordpress admin panel if the form is changed. We would never edit it there though, it'd be impossible, and in fact we keep this form as a static file, so we can version it. So we rely on the fact that the form in the database matches this static file at all times.

It occured to me today - why not cut out the middle-man and simply have CF7 use markup from this file directly? It would be easier to maintain, and stop anyone accidentally damaging the form markup in the editor.

Is such a mechanism available? Many thanks.

I have discovered this: https://medium.com/@deyanyanakiev/embed-contact-form-7-in-your-custom-theme-9e038c494815 a technique to replace the default form on installation, but as I understand it, that would be a one-off operation and would not allow for the form to be updated.

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  • Thanks for the feedback. For your information I solved this problem already, and (imho) it's such a quirky and useful piece of work that I was looking forward to posting the answer here, rather than on SO where I originally posted the question. I thought it would be of interest and benefit to this community. So - just so you can see it from my perspective - I deliberately came here to add to the knowledgebase, just to be kinda pushed away. I understand about the plugins thing, but CF7 seems above the grey area to me. Commented Jun 29, 2021 at 19:03
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I answered this question on Stackoverflow, and reposting the answer here.

We would never edit it there though, it'd be impossible,

quite, the CF7 plugin was never conceived for anything more complex than a contact form unfortunately. You may want to play around with the Smart Grid-layout extension which was specifically designed for creating and maintaining complex forms. It has a modular functionality that allows you to build a form using sub-forms, making form maintenance much easier.

It also uses the excellent CodeMirror editor as its code editor, much more powerful than the ridiculous textarea used in CF7 plugin.

simply have CF7 use markup from this file directly?

yes, that the simplest way to solve your problem. Hook the following CF7 filter,

add_filter('wpcf7_default_template', 'load_custom_form_template',10,2);
function load_custom_form_template($template, $prop){
    if($prop !== 'form') return $template;
    include( 'path-to-your-default-form.php');
    return $template;

Now, if you do use the Smart Grid extension which has the ability to load form specific js and css scripts (only on the pages where the form is loaded), then you can hook the following actions to add JavaScript template,

add_action('cf7sg_default_custom_js_template', 'use_js_script',10,1);
function use_js_script($cf7_key){
  include_once 'path-to-your-default-js';

and CSS stylesheet template,

add_action('cf7sg_default_custom_css_template', 'use_css_script',10,1);
function use_css_script($cf7_key){
  include_once 'path-to-your-default-css';

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