I'm a frontender, so i'm not so used to work with php. But I need to solve something. I'm adding a shortcode within the single-product template, and inside this shortcode, I need to echo the slug from the product.

I've tried multiple things, but I cant get it to work.

    global $post;
    $post_slug = $post->post_name;
    echo $post_slug;
    echo do_shortcode('[sc name=" I NEED TO ECHO THE POST SLUG HERE "]');

Maybe some of you, could help me out :)

Best regards, Michael

  • Hello Michael - Welcome to the WordPress Development community! While your question is regarding an issue within the context of WordPress, it's not actually a question about working with WordPress - rather it's a question about generic PHP syntax. As such, it might be considered off-topic for our stack. Webmasters or Stack Overflow might be a more appropriate place to ask.
    – bosco
    Jun 12, 2021 at 16:09

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There are a few to do this:

Using double quotes

Don't forget to escape the double quotes inside the string.

global $post;
echo do_shortcode("[sc name=\"$post->post_name\"]");

Using sigle quotes

global $post;
echo do_shortcode("[sc name='$post->post_name']");

Using sprintf

global $post;
echo do_shortcode(
  sprintf('[sc name="%s"]', $post->post_name)

Using wp_sprintf

global $post;
echo do_shortcode(
  wp_sprintf('[sc name="%s"]', $post->post_name)

Using heredoc

    <<< EOF
[add_to_cart_url id="$post->post_name"]

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