Go ahead that at best I want to invent the wheel and there is some solution that has not yet occurred to me.

I am trying with every possible combination and I am certainly very clumsy because I am not able to move forward.

The thing is simple:

This is a club where members pay an annual fee. There are only quotas:

  • Senior Partner
  • Family Member 1
  • Family Member 2
  • Alevín partner
  • Student Partner - you can only have one subscription-

Any of the dues should entitle you to be a ‘Club Member’.

Any user can openly subscribe as a Senior Partner or Student Partner. But only a Senior Partner can subscribe to:

  • Only a Family Partner 1 - Partner your partner
  • Various Family Member 2 - make the child (ren) between 16 and 25 years old a partner
  • Various Socio Alevín - to become a partner (s) to the child (ren) under 16 years old

The Senior Member, after completing his paid subscription can now log in and buy - one by one - the subscriptions he needs - the club is fundamentally familiar, so we seek to make it easier for people to bring their loved ones.

And so far everything is falling apart, recurring payment. Everything perfect.

That one subscription can be made at a time is somewhat restrictive. Worse with that I manage to get the details of each of the relatives - as added checkout fields. There the Senior Partner identifies in front of the payment platform with his data and also includes the data of the relative.

And here comes the mess:

The alternative that seemed most appropriate to me - Woocommerce Subscriptions + Woocommerce Memberships - gives the Senior Partner the opportunity to send an invitation link to the family member to subscribe. But this does not work for me: the invitation link comes again - especially in the case of minors - to the Senior Partner who enters the system to end up paying his child's fee fill., With which we are back as before.

This way the subscriber ends up being the person who pays. The Senior Partner will end up having multiple subscriptions to your name.

The rest of the plugins - and I looked at a few - follow a similar pattern.

Nor is it necessary for the family member to be listed as a subscriber - that would be fine, although it may end up being confusing. It would be enough to be able to assign a specific role to the relative mentioned in the subscription (it could create a specific role, eg: sociodoclub). The thing is, it shows up. But how do I get that data I get at checkout to for example a membership plugin ??

Or that at the end of the payment of the subscription the Senior Member had to obligatorily register the relative in a certain membership. ??

I keep going around, to see if I get somewhere.

Any comments, different approach, suggestion, advice,… therapist ;p

order details with the dates I need to translate to... a member plan?

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    It sounds like the problem is with the invitation link, and whichever plugin generates that. If you've tried digging into the code there already I'd ask that plugin's authors for help. – Rup Jun 11 at 10:22
  • It sounds niche enough that you'll probably need to hire a developer to implement the desired functionality if you're not familiar with WP dev and the plugin's authors are unable to help. – bosco Jun 12 at 15:30

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