I'm confused as to how I add a logo through my copied header.php which is inside my child theme's folder. I'm having the same issue with my footer as well-- in which that the text I'm adding (such as copyright information) is sitting below the footer. As for my logo, it is sitting atop the header and navigation bar. It's not moving anywhere, so I'm not sure if my issue is the size of the logo or the css.

My site: http://sabrinawordpress.com/. All issues are seen here.

How do I code the CSS correctly for the header to sit on the navigation bar and place the text (in the footer) correctly for both documents?

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    Your logo goes outside of your header. It's not a css problem. It's better to look at your header.php file's code. – anton Jun 8 at 8:21
  • Looked in my parent theme's header.php file... there's no coding for a logo. Should I try and find coding elsewhere for it? – sabrina Jun 8 at 23:08

Add this to your header.php or footer.php on childs theme, it returns the logo

   <?php the_custom_logo(); ?> 
  • That works, thanks! – sabrina Jun 8 at 23:08

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