MySQL sites are steadily migrating away from the older MyISAM storage engine to InnoDB. That's because InnoDB has better recovery and row-by-row transaction locking support.

At the same time, many hosting providers and people who run their own servers are adopting the MySQL database fork called MariaDB. (It's compatible. A couple of providers I use switched to MariaDB without telling anybody, and nobody noticed.)

MariaDB offers the Aria storage engine in addition to InnoDB and MyISAM. Aria's a successor to InnoDB. It's being actively developed by the original MySQL team led by Monty Widenius. (This Aria has no relationship to HTML's aria accessibility stuff.)

My question: Is there any advantage to using Aria for WordPress? Do the old statements about MyISAM being faster than InnoDB for read-mostly sites (sites with heavy readership) apply to Aria?


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