I'm very new to Wordpress, familiar with CMS though. I am taking over someone else's wordpress website, by comparing with other wordpress, I found this one has some admin menus that the other doesn't have, as the picture below shows enter image description here

Are these coming from some plugin? I can't find a plugin in this site that looks like it is related to these menus. Is coding needed to add these custom menu items?

  • "Are these coming from some plugin?" - maybe; try deactivating all active plugins and see if those menus remained there - or deactivate just certain plugins and see there are any of the menus that are now gone. If not, then the menus probably added by the active theme - either by using functions like add_menu_page() or for custom post types (CPTs), WordPress by default will add the admin menu for managing the CPT posts. – Sally CJ May 20 at 4:09
  • 1
    Thanks I found the code already – shenkwen May 20 at 4:11

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