I have WooCommerce website. I wanted to know can I use my personal email (i.e. my_mail@outlook.com ) address as support email on my website and as sender when customer receives an order emails. Or I have to use something like support/info@mydomain.com Is there any specific rules for that ? Thanks.

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    No rules really. A support email would look more professional/trustworthy if it has the same name as the website. Other than that you can use what ever you want. Most hosting provide you with a email inbox you can use for those purposes. This is a very opinion based subject so expect multiple answers, choose what works best for you. – Buttered_Toast May 18 at 7:52
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    I agree 100% with @Buttered_Toast - there are no 'rules' but when I'm on a website that uses contact email address(es) unrelated to their domain, it leaves me concerned that if they aren't professional enough to figure out how to setup email, I may not want to do business with them. I strongly encourage you to check with your host on setting up email for your domain. You can manage multiple email addresses via Outlook.com/Gmail/many other ESPs. – Trisha May 18 at 17:10