I'm making a test case for a dynamic block; what's the absolute minimum code that I need to register a block? (so I don't need to run create-block (granted it takes only takes 5 minutes for me to run, then initialize a git repository, and commit it, if I need to share the test case..) I want some smaller and more svlete? Can I do something smaller and more svelte than running create-block?

I haven't been able to find a page that lists the absolute bare minimum.

I know I need to have:

a register_block_type function in php that's hooked with init that includes: name (and an array with: render_callback, editor_style and style (and these 2 might not be necessary?)

  • a function for the render_callback
  • a function that enqueues the stylesheet(s) for editor_style and style (wp_enqu


function create_block_test_case() {
            'name' => 'latest block',
            'render_callback' => 'my_callback',
            'style' => 'my_style'

add_action( 'init', 'create_block_test_case' );
function my_callback() {
 return 'hi, world!' 

$style_css = 'style-index.css';
    plugins_url( $style_css, __FILE__ ),
    filemtime( "$dir/$style_css" )

What else do I need?

Do I need to also create a block.json even though the block registration is done through php?

(I know for a static block; I'll need to enqueue an editor_script JS file, but for the sake of this question; I'm just concerned about a dynamic one)



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