I have a function that is being called whenever a woocommerce product is published (through the save_post hook).

This function uploads a few images, attaches them to the current post being saved (using update_post_meta with the _product_image_gallery key and set_post_thumbnail function).

If I create and publish a product through the wp admin dashboard, this works great, no issues.

If I create a product through the REST API, the images get uploaded (so my function on the save_post hook is being called), but the image ID's do not get saved in the database.

The update_post_meta function on the rest API call does return a meta ID, however searching in the wp_postmeta table, this ID is not to be found..

I feel like the REST API is somehow overwriting/deleting my update_post_meta call, and am curious if anyone else has ever ran into the same issue or has any workaround for this.

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