I am trying to echo an image to the background like so

$product_pic = get_the_post_thumbnail($pid, 'full');
$pid = $result[0]->productID;

    .product-pic-bg{background-image:url("<?php echo  $product_pic;?>")}

It doesn't work. All I get is .product-pic-bg{url""} in the console.

When I dump the $product-pic I get:


What do I do to get this to work?


get_the_post_thumbnail function returns the post thumbnail image tag as a string.
Use get_the_post_thumbnail_url function instead to get url.

$url = get_the_post_thumbnail_url($pid, 'full');
  • thanks very much. Guess I cant reuse the $product_pic. This worked. – Manny Apr 25 at 20:19

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