the laravel framework has a handy function that is called updateOrCreate().

How can I do something like this in wordpress, whereas Flight is the model in laravel and could be replaced by $wpdb:

$flight = Flight::updateOrCreate(
    ['departure' => 'Oakland', 'destination' => 'San Diego'],
    ['price' => 99, 'discounted' => 1]

Does something like this also exists for $wpdb?

I appreciate your replies!

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    It might be difficult to answer this correctly without an example of when you might want it in WordPress, it isn't clear what the WP equivalent of a Laravel model is that you have in mind. Generally though, using raw SQL is a code smell and indicates a wrong turn has been taken. wpdb methods are a close second. This usually implies a developer who is unaware of custom post types, meta, and taxonomies Have you checked the WPDB documentation? – Tom J Nowell Apr 24 at 18:52

If I'm not too badly mistaken, I don't think there's a similar method in $wpdb. replace, https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/classes/wpdb/#replace-row, is kind of like that, but not quite as sophisticated I believe.

You probably need to build a helper function for that yourself, which wraps update, insert and a bit of logic together. Or use query method with custom sql string as suggested here, WPDB Insert or if exists Update.

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