I'm coding a payment gateway plugin for woocommerce but I'm getting stuck on this error when I send a payment auth request to the offsite company that processes the payments. Once the auth request is sent off, I'm supposed to get a response token, that will be appended to a url which will be the payment page the customer will see.

$hostedPageRequest = [
            'Request' => [
                'CardHolderResponseURL' => "https://offapp1/FAC.MerchantIntegration.WebTools/Home/HttpRequestParser",
                'RecurringDetails' => null,
                'ThreeDSecureDetails' => null,
                'TransactionDetails' => [
                    'AcquireId' => $acquirerId,
                    'Amount' => $amountFormatted,
                    'Currency' => $currency,
                    'CurrencyExponent' => 2,
                    'IPAddress' => '',
                    'MerchantId' => $merchantId,
                    'OrderNumber' => $orderNumber,
                    'Signature' => $signature,
                    'SignatureMethod' => 'SHA1',
                    'TransactionCode' => 8,
                    'CustomData' => '',

        $result = $client->HostedPageAuthorize($hostedPageRequest);
        $token = $result->HostedPageAuthorizeResult->SingleUseToken;

        $paymentPageUrl = "https://$domain/MerchantPages/$pageset/$pagename/";

        $redirectUrl = $paymentPageUrl.$token;

I get the json error on the "$result = $client->HostedPageAuthorize($hostedPageRequest)" line of the code.

What exactly am I doing wrong? I'm overall new to PHP and backend coding in general.


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