I am trying to delete a lot of WordPress posts programmatically using wp_delete_post, but not all posts are deleted successfully. In some cases I get NULL as a return value for wp_delete_post($row->post_id, true) and the post isn't deleted from the database.

There are both post and page post_types amongst those not deleted posts, as well as custom post types.

What can be the issue there, why aren't some posts deleted, while many others are deleted successfully?

  • Skimming wp_delete_post (and wp_trash_post, which is called for posts and pages but not custom types) and wp_delete_attachment, the only places they return null are when they can't find the post by ID e.g. here.
    – Rup
    Apr 12 at 11:10
  • Where are you getting the IDs from. Are you sure they exist? Apr 12 at 11:31
  • @JacobPeattie, those are posts of a specific language that I want to delete. I get them with get_posts function. And yes, I'm sure they exist in my wp_*_posts table. My WordPress is a multisite, so I have several wp_*_posts` tables. I am not sure if that matters, but anyway. Apr 12 at 11:37
  • 2
    If you're trying to delete posts from another site's posts table by ID, then that's not going to work. Apr 12 at 11:38

I realized that I was trying to delete a post while my current site wasn't the same one. My WordPress is multisite.

switch_to_blog($siteId); solved the issue.

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