Im having this code

$concours_termine_cat = get_term_by('slug' , 'concours-termine' , 'product_cat');

get_term_by is returning false, after debugging the get_term_by function

taxonomy_exists( 'product_cat'); 

is returning false.

So I checked in taxonomy_exists function and looks like into $wp_taxonomies product_cat doesn't exist at this time of execution.

I call this hook like this add_action('transition_post_status' , 'vince_function_post_update' , 10 , 3);

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I don't know why Woocommerce wasn't load at this time but I solve my issue adding this code :

if (! taxonomy_exists(  'product_cat' ) && class_exists('WC_Post_Types') ) {
    // Dans le cas ou la taxonomies n'est pas register

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