I have a wordpress site on cpanel but my .htaccess file displays my hosts "coming soon" page instead of my website. how do i change this?

Below you'll see my file structure on cpanel. My wordpress site is in the wp directory and has its own .htaccess & index.php filesenter image description here

  • My .htaccess file in the root folder looks as follows:

enter image description here

  • How do i display my wordpress site instead of the "coming soon" page?
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    you need to contact your host, this isn't something that can be fixed using WordPress knowledge, it may need you to ask in a CPanel community – Tom J Nowell Apr 8 at 9:32
  • How are you wanting to access your WordPress site? From the document root, ie. example.com/ or the example.com/wp/ subdirectory? Either way, the "error" is most certainly with your .htaccess file(s) (and possibly the WP config). Certainly, the .htaccess file in the root that you've posted is "wrong". You need to also include the .htaccess file from the /wp subdirectory in your question. (Your webhost is unlikely to help you with this.) – MrWhite Apr 8 at 11:50

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