I need to make website work in 2 languages. I am interested if I can set automatic duplication of posts content across the languages once post is published in one language (including ACF radio buttons and date fields) ?

I have front-end submission form for the users with a couple of radio buttons, text fields and date field (all the fields are made using ACF).

So, what I need is when user submits the post in one language, it must be automatically published on the second language as well including values from radio buttons and all the other fields.

I've already tried to achieve it using Polylang Pro, but there is a problem with duplication of values of radio buttons. Another thing is, that posts are not publishing in another languages automatically.

Any help is welcome! Thank you so much!

  • Hi @blaze_ and welcome to SE. In my experience, questions such as yours are very broad and most people won't want to answer them because it is unlikely you will reward them with an answer (because broad questions are hard to answer in full). Have you tried the Polylang forums? wordpress.org/support/plugin/polylang – Ted Stresen-Reuter Apr 9 at 9:38

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