I just started creating new theme in wordpress, I got the html/css, I put the heading in css like usual:

Theme Name: Your Theme Name
Theme URI: http://your-theme-homepage.com
Description: Oh what a lovely description of your theme you'll put here!
Author: Your Name
Author URI: http://your-website.com
Template: If this is a child theme, you'll set the template theme's folder name here
Version: 3.1
Any general information, license statements, plugin requirements, or any other information you
      might want to share.


and html site in the same directory.

Wordpress doesn't recognise the theme and I get error like

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description Wp_theme Stylesheet is missing.

or something similar.

What is EXACTLY the requirement for wordpress to register theme in directory? Is it just css heading or something else must be added?


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For one thing, drop the Template: ... line. Your problem is almost certainly that your stylesheet is not named style.css

  • Template dropped, stylesheet named style.css, now I don't get any errors, but template is not recognised anyway. Like I didn't put anything in the folder. Jan 11, 2012 at 16:51
  • Do you have index.php?
    – mor7ifer
    Jan 11, 2012 at 17:04
  • 4
    The Codex is your friend: Theme Development Jan 11, 2012 at 18:16

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